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8 Reasons Why You Should Have Permanent Makeup

8 Reasons Why You Should Have Permanent Makeup

There are endless reasons why people opt for the popular cosmetic treatment. Here are just 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Permanent Makeup

#1 Define shape

In the 90’s it was pretty fashionable to have pencil thin rounded brows, and unfortunately for some the 90’s have stuck around and have now have the daily task of penciling in their brows. Permanent Makeup will bring your brows into 2018 with a BANG!

#2 More Sleep

Would you like 20 minutes extra in bed…. yes please I hear you say! A lot of my clients say waking up with makeup is why they chose to have permanent makeup. Not only do you get an extra 20 minutes or so in bed, at night there is less makeup to remove. Bonus!

#3 Toilet Touch ups

‘Toilet touch ups’ will be a thing of the past with permanent makeup. A trip to the ladies on your lunch break will cease, leaving more time to catch up on the latest gossip in your favourite magazine.

#4 Sweat proof brows

The latest in a fitness fanatics must have gym wear isn’t the latest pair of Nike trainers or multi coloured sports bras – but of course it is permanent makeup….sweat proof makeup!

#5 Symmetry

How many times have you drawn on your brows or even eyeliner and wiped them off and began the process again? It’s hard work to get the same shape and size each day! With Permanent Makeup it means your daily battle with your brow pencil or liquid liner will be a thing of the past.

#6 Waterproof brows

Have you booked your summer holiday? Permanent makeup is fast becoming a pre holiday essential. Imagine jumping into a swimming pool and appearing from the depths with half a brow left! Embarrassing? This would not happen with permanent makeup!

#7 More pennies for your piggy bank!

Believe it or not it permanent makeup actually saves you money. Research from online beauty retailer, found that the average woman will spend almost £21,240 on make-up products in their lifetime which works out at £306 per year that’s not to mention the money spent each year on waxing/ threading appointments – now I’m not saying you won’t need to wax anymore however the amount of times you will need to visit a salon will be less due to your perfect permanent brow shape.

#8 Confidence

Some women choice not to wear makeup which is fine. However many women feel naked without makeup and many won’t even leave their house without a touch of lippy or perfectly preened brows which is also fine. Permanent Makeup is perfect for those who do worry about being seen without makeup.

If you have read 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Permanent Makeup and have decided you would like to know more please do get in touch.

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