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aftercare for permanent makeup and microblading

Aftercare for Permanent Makeup and Microblading

If you have Permanent Makeup or Microbladed brows then this is a blog detailing how to look after them and how to prolong the results.

As you will know from having Permanent Makeup or Microblading. They are “semi permanent” meaning over time they will fade. For permanent makeup using a digital machine the brows should last for 12-18 months before needing a colour boost whereas microblading is 12-14 months.

Understand the difference between Permanent Makeup and Microblading here

So, down to business, what should you do to prolong the life line of a permanent brow? Follow these simple tips and your brows should last you the maximum!

Sun Exposure

Sun to eyebrows is like kryptonite to superman! What do I mean? Well, the sun is a killer of pigment! It will over time fade the brows dramatically if you do not apply sun protection daily.

Tip – Wear a high level sun protection such as factor 30+  apply it regularly throughout the day – even in the winter! I recommend Heliocare spf which you can purchase from Changes Clinic.

Brow Tinting

For those of you that like a bold power brow, you may also have your natural brows tinted now and again. However if the tint gets onto the skin of where the brows are tattooed, the pigment can fade!

Tip – Ask your therapist to avoid getting pigment on the skin and just tint the hairs.

Retinol and Exfoliations

Any rapid skin exfoliation products such as Retinol and Retin A that are used regularly on and around the brow area will cause the permanent makeup to the

thin the skin, therefore the pigment overtime can fade.

Tip – I would suggest not using these products close to the brows, the product can also migrate so be careful. Explain to your skin therapist / doctor that your brows are permanent!

It is important these steps and aftercare for Permanent Makeup and Microblading, so that you get the best from your brows. If you are due a colour boost, call me on 02392401966

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