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Permanent Makeup Consultation

It may be something you have only just thought of or it could be something you have been considering for a while now, a consultation for Permanent Makeup is most certainly the place to begin.   Permanent Makeup is a popular cosmetic...
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Micropigmentation UK

On Saturday 19th May, I attended the Micropigmentation UK Awards and Conference, and what a great day it was. Last year I was asked by the Micropigmentation UK team if I would speak at this years Awards and Conference. I jumped at...
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Permanent Makeup Aftercare

When you first have permanent makeup you will experience 3 stages of healing, which are as follows: Initially the area can be red, swollen, and you may have slight skin sensitivity. The permanent makeup may also be darker than you may anticipated....
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Permanent Makeup Before a Holiday

When booking your holiday what do you think of? Where you will visit? Will it be warm? Will the food be nice? Personally, I think about what I’m going to wear, and when you fly there is a limit to what you...
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Permanent Eyebrow Techniques

It is so difficult to know which permanent brow techniques to choose from when considering permanent makeup. But with Naomi’s 12 years of experience she will be able to assist you in deciding which brow will be best suited to you and...
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