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Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

With Naomi O’Hara being in the industry now for over 13 years, we decided to ask her some questions that are regularly asked about Permanent Makeup… What is the difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup with a digital machine? Microblading is a...
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Finalist for Best Areola Artist of The Year

Naomi attended the 4th UK PMU Awards and Conference this weekend, hosted by Theresa Wild in London. The conference included a delightful gala dinner and awards ceremony, which we are thrilled to say Naomi was a part of. Naomi was presented an...
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Nanoblading, the new beauty buzzword! In recent years we saw microblading become a house hold beauty name with social media influencers and celebrities alike going crazy for perfectly applied brows! It’s that popular that if you type ‘microblading’ into Instagram you will...
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Brow Tweakment

Have you ever considered permanent makeup brows but just want a little tweak. We are now offering the Brow ‘Tweakment’. This procedure includes 1 treatment which subtly lifts the brow and enhances your natural features. Understated, natural, yet defined brows can be...
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3D Areola Tattoo

There are 55,122 new cases of invasive Breast Cancer each year in the UK. 23% of Breast cancer cases are preventable. In hopes of avoiding the life changing disease, some women who are classed as ‘at very high risk’ of developing breast...
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Naomi O’Hara Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas

Last month I was fortunate to be asked to attend the Permanent Reunion Congress in Las Vegas, with the team from Perma Blend Pigments and what an experience it was. I spent 4 short days in this crazy city and NEED to return...
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