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Permanent Cosmetics
how to look after your permanent makeup in summer

How to Look After your Permanent Makeup in Summer

It’s that time of the year again where the sun shines and when it is out, we’re out, making the most of it (because we don’t know how long it will last)

But whilst it is lovely to be in the sun and getting a tan, please remember that the sun can prematurely fade the pigment in permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup lasts up-to 4 years, however, by not following recommendations it can reduce that time significantly, so here is your how to look after your permanent makeup in summer:

If you have permanent makeup, it is so important to apply at least a factor 30 to prevent your beloved permanent makeup from fading! Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle of your SPF to know when to re-apply. Also for those who have permanent Lip Tattoo, use an SPF specifically for the lips!

Luckily for us, hats and sunglasses are fashionable. So when out and about be sure to use these for extra protection.

Of course, it is not just the sun that can fade permanent makeup. Others factors that can prevent longevity of permanent makeup:

Skin Products

Some skin products contain alpha hydroxy acids and retinal, although great for the skin, not so great for permanent makeup. These ingredients are classed as rapid exfoliators, so avoid where possible!

Brow Tinting

The ingredients in brow tint can fade permanent makeup. It is advised that you do not have brow tinting whilst you have permanent brows or speak with a therapist to see if tinting just the hairs and not the surrounding skin is a possibility.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are having laser hair removal make your clinician aware you have permanent makeup. The energy of the laser can fade pigment of permanent makeup and can cause burning.

Thank you for reading ‘How to Look After your Permanent Makeup in Summer’. Have a lovely time in the sun and remember ….. factor 30!!