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Microblading | Permanent Makeup Brows

Microblading | Permanent Makeup Brows

In 2017 Permanent Brows have most definitely been the treatment to have. Statistics show 90% of women apply makeup daily, so you can see why brow tattooing is up there with the must have cosmetic treatment.

Microblading | permanent makeup brows are a perfect solution to those who want to look good whether jogging, swimming or first thing in the morning. How long do you spend of a morning putting on your makeup? Making sure your brows are the same size, shape and distance apart? Maybe you ought to consider the popular procedure if you haven’t already?

When considering permanent makeup, you need to be aware there are many techniques used to creating the perfect brow. Naomi will discuss this upon consultation as well as her opinion on what will suit you. However, a popular choice, is the natural hair stroked brow which Naomi specialises in.


Natural Hair Stroke Permanent Makeup Brows Video


Naomi has Microblading | Permanent Makeup Clinics in:

Portsmouth, Southampton, Romsey, Bournemouth, Hythe, Isle of Wight,

If you would like to book an appointment for Microblading | Permanent Makeup Brows at any of the above locations please call on 02392401966.