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Permanent Makeup Before a Holiday

When booking your holiday what do you think of? Where you will visit? Will it be warm? Will the food be nice?

Personally, I think about what I’m going to wear, and when you fly there is a limit to what you can pack! Overpacking for a holiday is the norm? Isn’t it?

Well one thing I don’t need to pack nowadays is my makeup! Why? Because I have permanent makeup… I don’t need to remove it, nor do I need to apply it! I have permanent brows, liner, and lip blush. So, packing my makeup is a thing of the past…. Making more room for that extra pair of shoes I will never wear

Like many of my clients I have treated over the past 12 years of practicing I simply apply either a gloss on my lips or a touch of mascara and I am ready to begin my day! No uneven brows or scrambling to find my glasses to apply my eyeliner. Having permanent makeup means it is so much easier to get up and go and enjoy my day without the worry of smudged lipstick or having to re-apply or touch up any makeup that has somehow vanished throughout the day.

You may be reading this and wondering “What is Permanent Makeup? Well, it really is what it says on the tin. ‘A makeup which is permanent’. Permanent makeup can be applied to the brows, as lip liner or a lip blush and even eyeliner. My clients range in age and I have treated women as well as men with hair colours and skin tones.

Permanent Makeup is particularly popular in the summer, as many of my clients come for their colour boosts in time for an upcoming holiday or sunshine break.

The general feel I get is that many women simply do not feel comfortable without wearing makeup but also not comfortable wearing normal cosmetics in the heat, for fear of the makeup smudging.

There are other benefits too, not only is it smudge proof, it is also water proof meaning you can get in and out of the swimming pool without the worry of losing your brows or smearing your eyeliner.

Permanent Makeup is fast becoming a holiday must have!

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