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The Process of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

The Process of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

For some, the prospect of a brow tattoo is a scary one! So we have put together a short video showing the process of permanent eyebrow tattoo.

Thinking of Permanent Makeup? Watch the video below to see how it is carried out.

Step 1. A part of the procedure which was not recorded due to data protection, however, an important step is discussing the procedure and signing consents.

Step 2. Measuring and drawing on the brows! This will then be the guidelines as such for Naomi to be able to follow when beginning the process.

Step 3. Naomi begins the permanent brow procedure by tattooing the front of each brow, she then moves onto the ‘body’ of the brow, using the natural brow as a guide for the permanent hair stroke. (Don’t worry if you do not have hair strokes, Naomi will still make your brows look very natural)

Step 4. After adding the first of the hair strokes, Naomi then does a second pass making sure pigment has been implanted into the uppermost layers of the skin.

Step 5. Once the 2 passes have been done, Naomi will then go in and add some branched hair strokes to create a more natural appearance.

Step 6. At this point, Naomi sits the client up and remeasures and tweaks any hair strokes she needs to.

Step 7. The client is given a mirror and admires her new beautiful brows!

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