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Permanent Cosmetics
how to training in permanent makeup

How to Train in Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is fast becoming a popular procedure to have in many salons and clinics, so it’s not wrong to say that it’s also a popular course at my training academy The Clinical Academy.

Are you thinking how to train in permanent makeup or even Microblading? Here are a few questions when considering where to train you may wish to ask…

How long has the trainer been practicing?

With the treatment becoming so popular in the last few years, it won’t be uncommon to come across trainers who have only been practicing for a year or two! Research your trainer and don’t be embarrassed to ask to speak to previous students, after all they will be their biggest testimony!

Do the trainers still have personal clients?

As in all industries, keeping in touch with the industry by working in it is the best way to develop and continue to learn. It may be an idea to see some work your trainers have done so you can see if you like their style.

What training qualifications do the trainers have?

Anyone can teach, but not everyone can assess and sign off work. Make sure your trainer has the correct certificates to teach you and pass you all at the same time.

How many will be in a class?

Will you be trained in a large class? This is an important question for a few reasons.

  1. Because you will need to be able to have as much 1:1 training as possible
  2. You are going to need support particularly when you have your first live model. You will have more confidence with someone by your side.

How long is the course?

Will you be certified after just 2 days? That’s a scary thought, but it’s not uncommon to hear of technicians only have 2 days experience before being let loose on a paying client! We advise a minimum of 2 days training with 6 case studies and 1 assessment whereby you come in and be assessed by a qualified trainer.

Will you get ongoing support?

We have many students who have trained elsewhere, who have now come to us for further training because they have no ongoing support and little on hand training. We support and offer refresher days as a common practice. We also have a Facebook group with all past students who help each other out


There are of course many other questions you need to think about asking when you are choosing a permanent makeup course. If you need advice, give me a call on 033337777689 and I will happily talk you through courses available at The Clinical Academy or if you have general advice on how to train in permanent makeup.