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carried out by Naomi O'Hara

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If you are looking at Semi Permanent brows, then most probably over the years you have over plucked your eyebrows.

This will mean early mornings in the bathroom drawing in shape and colour. Semi Permanent eyebrows will alleviate this daily routine.

Semi Permanent brows are for all hair tones: Grey, White, Red, Blonde, Brown or Black. Naomi can offer both natural hair stroked brows or powdered brows. She will advise within consultation, which will suit you most along with shape.

The process is 3 stages over a 4 -6 week period.

Semi permanent cosmetics on lips can give the illusion of fullness and plumper lips. As we get older we tend to lose the shape and colour of lips, but as you will see from the images, I can give you back that shape and colour.

Pigment is implanted into the lips to give you a natural look or the lipstick look. All you need to do is add gloss and go.