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Naomi O'Hara

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Areola Medical Tattoo

Areola Medical Tattoo


Areola Medical Tattoo is an advanced medical procedure that involves implanting specialist pigment into the dermis, artistically, to simulate that of an areola.

With over 14 years experience, Naomi has a wealth of knowledge. She is a specialist within the field and frequently conducts training for Nurses at the world renowned Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

With clinics in locations such as Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth and Isle Of Wight, Naomi has built up a reputation for her Areola work, with local surgeons often referring their patients to her.

Areola tattooing following on from breast reconstruction

The diagnosis of breast cancer is an often daunting and terrifying moment in any woman’s life. With the help and support of consultants and surgeons, patients are often given a mastectomy, to one or both breasts. Often after healing time many ladies find themselves back on the operating table for breast reconstruction surgery. This revolutionary procedure often uses tissue from the back buttocks and abdomen of the patient, but many patients still feel that something is missing, which is were micro pigmentation artists like Naomi step in and carry out the Areola Tattooing to complete the reconstruction procedure.

Naomi also gifts 2 hours of her time for 1 patient a month after setting up the not for profit organisation Areola Angels. If you are interested in joining the wait list please do get in touch.