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Scar Camouflage

We recently had the pleasure of meeting a patient named Peter. Peter had previously had radiotherapy and as a result was left with a scar on his top lip. Due to this, Peter contacted us to see if we could help, and...
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Areola Medical Tattoo

Areola Medical Tattoo is an advanced medical procedure that involves implanting specialist pigment into the dermis, artistically, to simulate that of an areola. With over 14 years experience, Naomi has a wealth of knowledge. She is a specialist within the field and...
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Brow Lamination & Permanent Makeup

Brow Lamination & Permanent Makeup There is something you need to know about the latest beauty trend: Brow Lamination… The latest trend in the beauty industry that is sweeping the nation is Brow Lamination and is dominating social media platforms such as...
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How to look after permanent Makeup.

How to look after permanent Makeup. So, you have paid out to have your brows tattooed, your lips permanently coloured a nice shade of pink, or maybe you have added some flicks to your eyeliner, what now? Permanent makeup can last up-to...
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Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

With Naomi O’Hara being in the industry now for over 13 years, we decided to ask her some questions that are regularly asked about Permanent Makeup… What is the difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup with a digital machine? Microblading is a...
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