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Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

With Naomi O’Hara being in the industry now for over 13 years, we decided to ask her some questions that are regularly asked about Permanent Makeup…

What is the difference between Microblading and Permanent Makeup with a digital machine?

Microblading is a hand tool method that is not powered by a digital machine. Microblading doesn’t suit all skin types but can create a really nice, fine, fluffy hair stroke brow that lasts about 9 – 12 months before needing a maintenance treatment or ‘colour boost’.

Permanent Makeup uses a digital machine where the needle speed is driven by electricity and can be adjusted and controlled dependant on the area to be treated. With this method all skins can be treated, unlike Microblading. The machine uses disposable needles of different sizes to create different affects. Generally this method lasts 12 – 18 months before a colour boost is required.

Do I need a consultation for Permanent Makeup?

The simple answer, is Yes!

The reason being, is that it is so important not only for me to make sure you are a suitable candidate for Permanent Makeup but also for you to ask questions and for you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed.

I will explain the procedure and process. There will also be time to discuss colour options as well as show you how the area may look, for example with eyebrows I may draw on the shape with an eyebrow pencil so you can consider the results.

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

I will apply a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure, and will re apply throughout the procedure also.

N.B I am fully qualified and insured to apply the topical numbing cream.

I have little to no brows, can I still have Permanent Makeup?

Absolutely. Regardless of whether you have hair present or not, I will be able to either create a brow from scratch or reshape and define the brows that you have.

I see a lot of women as well as men who have lost their hair due to medical conditions such as Alopecia and hair loss as a result of Cancer treatment

How permanent is Permanent Makeup?

Over time Permanent Makeup can fade. After 12 -18 months I would recommend a Colour Boost, this is a 1 off treatment to refine and prolong the results of your Permanent Makeup.

You can see other ways to prolong your results here

We hope that you have found Permanent Makeup FAQ’s interesting and informative. If you have any questions, please contact Naomi by email or by calling.