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Correction & Removal

Whether the shape isn’t how you had expected, the colour is faded blue or orange, Naomi will be able to correct or remove your permanent brows.

Naomi is often contacted by women who have previously had permanent makeup, sadly, with unqualified / uncertified permanent makeup technicians. However, with 2 techniques available, Naomi is able to fade the brows enough to be able to correct, re design and choose pigments which compliment each individual.

Naomi is also able to remove body tattoos using the same techniques.


Naomi uses an ND-YAG Laser to remove unwanted pigment. The laser passes an intense light through the skin, which then penetrates to break up the ink particles and leads to the tattoo fading.

Your body’s immune system will then remove these pigments, which work over time.

LI-FT – Non Laser Permanent Makeup Removal

Using Li-FT, a specialised, specific pigment lightening solution, Naomi can remove existing permanent makeup without the need for Laser.

As well as saline Li-FT contains natural ingredients such as purified water, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe.

By implanting the solution into the skin, the healed pigment breaks down and begins to lift the pigment out of the skin by a process called osmosis.

The solution causes the pigment to be lifted to the surface of the skin and healed into an area of dry skin that once healed removes some of the pigment making it fade.

Depending on how much of the pigment you’d like to lighten or remove will depend on how many treatments are needed.

LIFT if not colour selective unlike laser removal.

Book your Correction & Removal procedure or consultation with Naomi O’Hara Permanent Cosmetics and rest assured you’re in safe hands.

  • Over 12 years experience
  • A highly respected and specialist in the industry
  • An experienced micro pigmentation trainer of over 6 years and Director of Training at The Clinical Academy
  • Fully insured

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